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6 ways to step to the next level in your Life

Written By : Namrata

They say that if failure hits you in life, just remember what it took to come up to this level. Well, I disagree partially.

You can never step up in your life with the same things you did to step to this level. It has to be little extra effort put in right place and little tweaks that you require to just booze up your soul.

Here I share my personal 6 ways to step to the next level in your life:

1. Stay consistent

I have got loads of ideas hanging through my little brain. But then something or the other if strikes, just carries my momentum, and Alas! Those ideas remain mere ideas.

So, if I got to adapt a good habit or make myself visible to the world or start a new business, anything just stick to it. The more often you practice or work towards it, the more it would help you grow day by day.

2. Say no to social media 24*7

I know am sharing this on social media itself, but then you can’t be glued to social media 24*7.

Have you ever found yourself simply scrolling down facebook or youtube or instagram for hours and then realize oh! I wasted 3 hours?

Social media, like television, can be a boon or a bane.

Use it effectively for engaging, for bringing changes in others life, for learning, for growing. But how about spending some quality time with family and friends too without even a text reply to someone else?

3. Keep updating your time schedule

I used to get up at 06:30 AM on weekdays, but on weekends my eye lids would open only when it stroke 09:00 AM or even beyond.

Then, one fine day when I set the target of deadlines to my dreams, I tweaked a bit and got up approximately an hour before on weekends. Believe me, just a small change but made me more productive and energetic.

So, keep rotating your time schedule as and when needed.

4. Become an insanely crazy one to achieve

I once attended the felicitation ceremony of younger sister’s doctoral program. They told about a girl who topped the country in medical. And you know how did she do it?

The insect of cracking the exam just got into her head and she got wild with her dreams! The past 2 years of her program she left no stone unturned to stop.

Ask yourself, why can’t I? How can’t I?

Stop with the excuses. Because you have to pay heed in life to nothing, but achievements. Get wild! Wilder!

5. Make someone an idol and follow

The idol can be your heart too. I am not saying you can’t be a whole lot of an amazing individual on your own. But having a mentor or idol helps a lot.

Like I have this dream of blogging, I passionately follow bloggers, digital marketers just because I learn a lot lot from them. On days when am tired or I fail, I just look at them, research on them, take their classes and come out so well.

The more happy and successful people you see around the world, the more you will become and the more you will help others become.

Imagine, one day you could be the next idol for someone else.

6. Ahh! the lifestyle checks

I drink at least 2 cups (250 mL) of water every time I hit the water cooler and this happens around 8-10 times a day. So, in total it gets around 4-5 L, which I thought was sufficient.

Few days back, to attend a family function, I was just getting my hair-styling done and guess what? The hair-dresser said, “It’s too hot these days and your hair aren’t hydrated well. Don’t you drink sufficient water?”

I was literally taken aback.

Same happens! We just think we are giving our best shot to life and still on the same page. Check your lifestyle!

Hydrate a lot, exercise more, read more, give time to your skills, dress up nicely even if it’s just a walk in the evening and many such creative things to enhance your life.

So, have you already listed by now what you are going to do to step up to next level in your Life?

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