Six Tea Shots

8000 Ft above Kasol there lies an unexplained beauty – Tosh!

I am a vacay-holic like I told in my blog – Confessions of a girl who is vacay-holic. Hence, to just satiate my soul I keep wandering and repeating.

Last October it was the Tosh. So, it happened as one couple of our closest friends – Deepti & Prateek had their own partnered Cafe and Inn in Tosh – StonedAge.

We started our road trip after office on Friday. My partner in crime recently learned driving but we gave it a shot to prefer a road trip that too with our car. Along with our friends we drove for approximately 16-17 hours at a stretch.

Believe me those hours were our few of the best moments together. Since, we talked! We hummed to almost every song that played! Faced the speed of trucks on dead ends round the hill curves! We laughed on many past moment recollections and what not.

Even though am a social media addict, still I took the phone only either for GPS or to recharge our Fast Tag. Since our car was Fast Tag enabled, so we didn’t have to queue up at the toll.

We took a halt near Kasol for midnight Maggi and chai (tea).

And finally with loads of off-road ride, even at a point when we felt we won’t be able to cross the road, I kept my hand on his at the gear and said, “We’ll cross this”. He looked in front and geared up and sped the car and in a sudden jiffy we just jumped over the off-road to cross that particular lane.

Still brings me goosebumps to think that moment.

We reached the last point until the car park. From there we had to sweat trek to that point as in the picture:

We finally reached StonedAge. The beauty of Tosh, the peace of Tosh can not be more defined as from this point of view.

StonedAge Cafe and Inn

The next 2 days were all about self-introspection, lots of friends-making bon-fire, the ultimate early morning trek to Kutla, loads of hot food and the ever soul-refreshing lemon ginger tea, story sharing with various strangers who now are friends.

The cafe is beautiful. Not because it’s of my close friends’ but because you can actually heal your wounds in the peaceful arms here.

StonedAge – Where strangers became friends overnight… Whose every corner is an original handmade art, be it best out of waste, painting, craft making, merchandising everything… It’s beautiful! You would find Jassi, Sonu and the canine little Betty too.

So, give a weekend rejuvenation to your soul in the lap of Himalayas, if you are done with the shor (chaos) of the city! Tosh is one such wonder.

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