Six Tea Shots

A night with Mrs. Liza’s baby!

Liza’s baby Written by : Namrata

“Congrats, the company’s board members have decided to make you the Chief Officer in our new project at Sidney,” my 6ft, bald, somewhere in the middle of 50, the most workaholic boss was standing right in front of me in my cabin with his hands outstretched for a shake, I suppose.

“Ahh,” I exclaimed with a shock smile stretching my hands forward, for the shake ofcourse. “That is a big news to hear, Sir,” I continued, “Well, when shall I join there?” 

“Monday, next week. The details will be send to you in a day or two. Good luck.” 

“Thank..,” he left before I could complete, after all he was the boss.

Days passed, and I went to Sidney. I directly went to the flat, my company gave. It was on the 3rd lane in the New Town and Gosh! The 6th floor. Anyways, thanks a ton to who so ever created lifts.

As I entered my flat, I realized I had a flatmate. She was a Black in her early 40’s, most probably, with tons of fats all over her extra-tempting figure (Oh God, why with this dried and rotten orange???). She had her gestures and skin as if I could puke right there, I didn’t although.

Starting days in a distant city, that too out of the country, does need some adjustments. I joined my new project, a very important piece of my professional life. Things were getting into its own way and I was getting busier day by day, night by night.

Mrs. Liza, that Black one, remember… my ugly flatmate, had a little baby too. Boy or girl, I didn’t know but was horribly cute. Mrs. Liza and I rarely saw each other, we had different shifts of working, and whenever we met, it was in the KITCHEN… Since we were of two entirely different worlds, we never bothered to interfere in each other’s life. 

After 3 weeks of rigorous stroll, finally I got a night to have a sound sleep. I couldn’t see Mrs. Liza, but her baby was there, alone in another room. I was tired a lot so directly went to my room. Changed and fell fast asleep with all my past sweet and sour memories in mind.

I was merely in dreams when I felt little, tender fingers tickling my feet. It was a soft feeling, as if the baby’s creamy skin was playing with my cold one. It (I didn’t know whether it was he or she) tried to hug me more tightly and was shifting from my feet to my waist, but I was drastically exhausted to even open my eyes and see. I just kept feeling.

After all, I am a woman, a baby’s touch, so smooth and tender and so cuddling made me feel heaven. It came to my bare waist, and crawled smoothly from one end to other, I smiled with pleasure. It then tried to lick my skin there, I felt cold saliva on my waist skin. I took my fingers there, and then my senses realized the saliva and my conscious slapped me: ” Oh shit! Mrs. Liza’s baby was over me for that long.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAA,” I screamed as loudly as possible and threw the baby far, far apart. I rushed to take bath and again came back to sleep dusting a little near-by my bed.

Gosh! These LIZARDS…………  

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