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SixTeaShots, your go to place for everything you can think over your cup of tea. We are dedicated to give the best through our blogs.
It’s not just a blog, it’s a medium to make your lives easier, better, happier, tastier and to celebrate being us.
Here on SixTeaShots, we’ll come up with various super amazing and delicious easy-to-make recipes, storytelling, baby care super effective tips, influencing your lifestyle, managing your happiness quotient. So, men and ladies, boys and girls whether you are in your mid 20s or late 40s or even 70s, you have got a life which we cherish so much and simply wish to make the best of you.


A bank manager turned blogger, Akanksha had a dream to open her own restaurant and then cropped the idea of digital restaurant. A prolific home cook whose ever desire is to make tummies happy with yummies. Now a mother of 2 years munchkin, she has hands-on experience in dealing with issues related to baby care. She is a true example of handling stress, anger, work pressure and turning them into miraculous optimism with theories that will influence various lives.
She is currently settled in Delhi NCR. When asked what she does in her spare time, “Spare time? Oh is it something that exists. If you have, lend me an extra hour” she says jokingly.
She enjoys cooking, writing, learning new techniques whether it be food photography or baby nurturing habits or improving lifestyle.

Namrata Baranwal         
A Happiness Influencer, Bachelor in Technology, Writer, Digital Marketer and a Pre-Sales Specialist are the words that describe Namrata, a blogger who writes and makes videos about lifestyle, fashion, travel, cooking, positivity, relationships, life goals. Coming from a central government family background, she is born and brought up all over Uttar Pradesh including places like Shaktinagar, Lucknow, Varanasi, Bareilly, Noida and currently settled in Delhi. Other than blogging, she enjoys traveling, narrating stories, clicking snaps, getting captured in camera, cooking, interior designing, making crafts and freaking out with friends.

How we began
We all have dreams. It is just that we need a kickstart to go on and never stop from achieving.  We started the journey of SixTeaShots in a jiffy to spread joy in every corner of the world. From scratching diaries to scribbling over word pads, we try to bring forward our real life experiences to influence everyone for an easy going journey. We wish to open to the world to let people know us as we change lives and make the world a happy place. And this we do through our blogs, unique and true to their nature. Our idea and motive is to influence a large number of people with our website and to provide excellent services through our blogs.

So breathe, chill, relax and go through our blogs. You will surely find new and inspiring articles every time. We hope you enjoy the same as we do while writing them. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Let’s celebrate our being!