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Ak-tiv-i-tee | Liveliness and sportiveness of an infant

Your kiddo will always surprise you everyday with his activities. It is very exciting for him to see The World with countless things. He observes you keenly without even your noticing and will copy your actions later on. We have to be very careful about our movements in the growing stages of our child.

You should start introducing good habits to your baby. Words like good morning, good night, I love you, thank you, sorry etc. leave an impact. Although they don’t understand these words but they watch your expressions. Smile at them and they smile back to you.

Reading is a good habit. As your baby grows, inculcate reading habits to him. This will actually make him learn to listen when somebody reads which further helps to develop the eye-ear-hand co-ordination. Have a nice conversation with your baby. Talk anything and everything to him. Slowly, he will start understanding your commands – here, there, no, yes.

Your baby is very responsive towards things. He will tell whether he likes it or not. Moreover, he will learn the reactions you show towards things. So, you have to be calm and positive about everything even if it is a non favourable situation.

Your baby is able to sit, firstly with a support for some time and then on his own. Initially they will fall sideways and forward. Here works your massage skills to strengthen his back bones.

The baby starts crawling in 9 months, their leg bones strong enough to give them a support. Well, it depends on your child though, he may learn physical activities like walking, crawling, sitting a bit late. This varies from one baby to the other. Help him walk through a walker. This will make him confident about walking.

Promptly, he will surprise you by standing with a support. I still remember how Kunsh astonished both of us that day when he stood up with the help of the table. Gradually, he will learn to stand on his own and walk without any help. Well, practice makes a man perfect.

Curiosity level is very high in your baby. He starts picking up stuffs, throwing them, moving things around, lifting items from ground. Colourful and variety of toys are in demand. He can make a step or two of dancing on a song beat, specially if you dance along with him.

Kunsh once got under the table and started to stand along with the table. (Laugh as hard as you can). When he could not do so he started calling to get through the situation. When he becomes familiar with walking and friendly with all the corners of your house, he will wander everywhere, actually running as fast as he can, most of the times following you.

Out of curiosity, he starts opening all the drawers to see what is there inside and luckily my drawers din’t have locks. As a result, I used to find my make up and kitchen items in his toys’ section. Clapping hands resembles his happiness. Joining hands to wish namaste.

You can also take your baby out for a walk in the pram to introduce him to the outside environment to increase his curiosity level

He is so active and energetic every time, sometimes even at midnight. Activities develop the mind and body co-ordination and strong bones.It keeps the heart healthy and improves flexibility. So, play with your child. You are actually the best toy he can have than the other toys.

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  1. I do love the way you have presented this issue plus it does present me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. On the other hand, through just what I have experienced, I simply just wish when the reviews pack on that people remain on point and not get started on a soap box of the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this exceptional piece and though I do not really concur with this in totality, I value the point of view.

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