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Already 6 months old baby? Learn effective tips to take care of them!

Wow! It seems that your baby grew up so early. I felt it was just a couple of days ago that I took my new born son in my arms and now he has grown up so fast to be 6 months old. It is quite possible that you become very busy with all the chores, but it is necessary to halt and make the most of it.

The more you are at peace, the more sound your baby will be.

It is essential to cultivate good habits and values in your baby. And the greatest significance is to lay the foundation strong and well-built with your immense love and care for him/her to lead a mighty and healthy life.

Be positive in what you do. Parents are the first teachers and cultivators.

An esteemed child psychologist and psychotherapist and a parent educator Dr. Haim Ginott stated that, “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

We might not be able to notice them but they observe your activities very keenly. Every act of yours’ leave an impact on their mind which is difficult to change.

The way we nurture our kids in the beginning shape their mental and behavioral development. Your love plays a vital role to make your baby feel that he/she is safe and secure in this outside world, as he/she was inside your womb. There are many developments you will observe at this stage.

Your real test starts here as you must introduce new habits to your baby.

Here, I am sharing few things you really need to take care :


Until now your baby was only on milk. Now, it is ready to intake solid food items. You should continue giving mother’s milk or formula milk till one year.

Be cautious while introducing solids to babies.

I started with banana. Whichever food item you give, wait for 1-2 days to check the response. Whether the baby can digest or Is there any side effect?

You may gradually introduce moong dal khichdi, semolina (sooji ) ki kheer, lentil soup, 1 chapati dipped and mashed in milk, upma, mashed rice kheer, boiled apple puree, mango, boiled carrot puree. You can also give biscuits dipped in milk to snack on.

Do mash the items properly. But don’t blend them, so to inculcate chewing habits in the baby.

Start by one-time solids to increasing it to 3-4 times a day. Later, when your baby is 7-8 months old you may start giving more items like lentils, nicely cooked khichdi (not mashed), dry fruits powder, boiled and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, grated paneer, curd, pureed spinach, boiled egg (only the white part as yellow part can choke) and all other food items you cook for yourself but without chilly. Avoid chocolates and junk foods.


Your Baby continues to sleep longer with a gap of 1-2 hours, which will gradually decrease to 4-5 hours in the daytime as the baby reaches near an year. You should encourage sound sleep habits to them so that when they wake up they are fresh enough. Give them small naps of 2-3 hours in day time and longer ones at night so that they are able to differentiate. Change the sleeping posture of 6 months old to give a rest to the back. Ensure tummy time when he is awake.

Code of conduct

Your baby becomes very keen to put everything in his mouth. You need to sterilize things often and keep harmful substances out of their reach. Keep a watch at him. You can give him teether.

I won’t suggest to use pacifiers.


Naturally, your baby should be gaining weight every month. At around 6 months your baby’s weight should be double the birth weight. In 7-8 months they start turning around so you should be careful that they do not fall off the bed. Head becomes heavy and large as compared to their body , so they fall on head first and then the body, which can be dangerous. Your baby starts getting teeth at around 8-9 months. He/She has till now developed a taste towards his/her favorite food items.

Don’t forget to provide nutrition in every bite you give him/her.


You should start introducing good habits to your baby. Wishing good morning and good night with a smile and a kiss. Reading everyday to your baby, they start understanding and pointing towards things progressively. Chat with your baby. Talk anything and everything to them. Slowly, they will start understanding your commands – here, there, no, yes, come, go etc. Your baby is very responsive towards things. He/She will tell whether he likes it or not. Moreover, he/she will learn the reactions you show towards things. So, you have to be calm and positive about everything even if it is a non favorable situation. The baby starts crawling in 9 months, their leg bones become strong enough to give them a support.

Well, it depends on your child though, he/she may learn physical activities like crawling, sitting, standing and walking, a bit late. He/She likes to play with toys. Colorful and lots of toys attract them a lot. He/She would want to analyze all the toys at once. Read all the activities kids start doing after 6 months here.


Your baby starts communicating as soon as it is born. His cry will let let you know that it is in need of something. However, it is not predictable at all, you need to look in all the factors whenever he/she cries. Later, the baby will be able to show it through his/her actions like pointing towards things, shaking the head for a no.

They will learn some easy words of what you say, starts speaking ‘mama’, ‘papa’, ‘baba’. So, he/she can communicate with those words. When the baby learns to crawl and then walk, he will get things on his/her own.

Show your love to them. Say,” I love you” at least once a day. Smile and laugh loudly with them. These give positive vibes to your baby.

Let the baby be itself. Give him a chance to fall as he knows your are there to pick up.

Let him learn by itself. Free to discover on his own.

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