Six Tea Shots

An evening at Skyhouse

Written By : Namrata

Who says sky is the limit if your dreams are crystal clear, make a house beyond the sky… A Skyhouse.

So, one fine evening on the most awaited day I along with my close friends just hopped into Skyhouse Lounge in Logix Mall, Noida.

It is one another world to enjoy in some really superb ambience. We were a group of 6, along with a little kiddo of 2 years. There were youngsters, families, group of boys and gang of girls.

It was the day of IPL 2019 Grand Finale, hence they displayed it on an extremely large screen near the bar.

Found some really beautiful backdrops for snaps to be clicked.

And the food! It was one amazingly lip-smacking one. We had Dal-Chaval balls, Paneer Tikka Masala, Noodles, Chicken Tikka, Pizza and what not. Uff! I now realize what foodie are we!

And the fact is we just hawked over the food and didn’t have a single click of it.

But to try, it’s a must visit.

The service is check on. The photographer who usually turns at 08:00 PM is a check on. The rates are check on. Beautiful backdrops check on.

Enjoy one fine evening, swirling your glass and pacifying your food sensors.

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