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Are you passionate??

Written By : Namrata

Passion, in dictionaries would say is the zeal, vigor, fervor, enthusiasm. To dream what you desire and to achieve what you dream.

In simple language, it’s a craze that gives you a blood-warming reason to live for. Passion can be of anything, about becoming a pop star, about going to an esteemed institute, about your lover, about cars and bikes. 

But are you actually passionate about your passion all the time???

Often when something mesmerizing is introduced to us, mortal or immortal, we bestow within us a strong desire to make it one’s own, isn’t it?? We try every hit to achieve it; we admire it, adore it, and God knows what all we do out of our passion for the particular. Then gradually comes time, when situations converge towards discrepancies and we tend to lose hope.

Testing times are just God’s ways to know what we want, not because he forgets our dreams, but to check for our passion towards our desire. 

I just want to say, never ever try to lose your hope. And because dreams never die, only thing that would be left after you lose your hope would be yearning that would, in various irresistible ways, torment you. So it is better to always be optimistic, even when everything is adverse. Just be patient, gear up the passion for your dreams every time believing “I will, I can and God will have to acquiesce with me” . Mind it never lose your temperament, then even time cannot restrain you from achieving whatever you have been passionate for.

Have a worthy life, it’s just one and should not be flushed in either way.

Be passionate!

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