A letter to my son !!

A letter to my son !!

Dear Kunsh,

Lots of love

I will be delightful when you will be able to read and understand this letter. You are the best thing that has happened to me despite all the goodness in my journey. I still remember the day I got the pregnancy test positive. It was raining heavily and both of us were in a dilemma whether we were mentally prepared to give birth or not. It was an overnight decision and we could not let you go. Then, started the preparations to welcome you. It was such a whirlpool of emotions that I used to go through everyday. So many precautions and care was to be taken to keep you safe.

I always felt connected to you from the very beginning. It was difficult to believe that you are inside me. I used to cover you every time when I had to walk alone. Whenever, I had a hot talk with the customers in my bank, you used to kick so hard as if equally responding. I knew you enjoyed the food, music, prayers and love. After all it was all for you.

I had to struggle 1 day as my water broke and unfortunately it was doctor’s strike on that day. I was so afraid that I didn’t even want to think anything. But GOD has always been grateful to me. You were born on 2nd Jan, 2018 promoting me to be a mom. Being in a critical situation, you were held in ICU for 10-12 days. I saw you from a distant place when you were on a ventilator. It was so painful for me. I felt so broken and weak hearted. Days passed and finally one day, I got to hold you in my arms and feed you.

Believe me, I felt I was carrying a complete world in my arms. That GOD, himself has come to me to take away my pains and sorrow and fill my world with love and happiness I was deprived of. You were so tiny. Your hands, legs, lips were so small that you could barely hold my finger. Your eyes were bright. I could visualise my hope and dreams in those tiny shiny orb. OH GOD !! You were so beautiful.

I cannot even thank God enough for his blessing. Every time I hold your lovely face in my hands, my eyes are filled with tears of joy. No matter how upset I am or even if there is a hurricane in my mind, your smiling face (the best smile I have ever come across and that has the ability to make anyone laugh) has always given me strength to stand firmly and fight back. Now, I have purpose in my life and that is YOU. You will always be my priority.

You are so adorable and charming and I have become so much addicted to you. With time you grew so fast, I feel I have not even seen you completely. I remember when I left you at school for the first time, I cried with you, knowing that it was for your benefit but could not console my heart. How can 2 different persons have such a strong connection? But are you really different from me? Then I realised that we both are bonded, knit together in the same thread. Your innocence is heart throbbing and activities surprising. You are my ray of hope, my sunshine, my power, my weakness, my energy bar, my work-out specialist, my everything.

The only thing I have for you is Love, Unconditional love which has always grown by then. Your small steps have engraved a path in my soul. I am actually bad at memorising things but everything about you is imprinted on my mind. How much milk you started from, your first spoon, your first cloth I bought, your first toy, your first bottle, you first laugh, your first move, your first step, every tiny dimension is carved in my mind and will always be. Well !! I never knew I had so much affection in me.

And, I promise to give all my love to you no matter what are the circumstances, even if you grow old and older. I may to be able hold you in my arms s you grow up but you will always be in my heart. The more I see you, I more I become fond of you. You are my son and I am so proud of you.You are my lifeline and you are not alone. I will always be by your side in every walk of life as your guide, your mentor or your friend. Surely, you are unique and a marvellous creation of God.

I wish you to be as you are throughout your life- lovable and cheerful. Always choose to be happy first. Life is short for regrets, sorrow and complaints. Live your life to the full and cherish every moment so that when you look back to your journey you feel proud. I will always keep praying to God to allow me to watch you grow everyday through all phases of life. Remember !! I am there with you in your highs and the lows.