Easy Exercises during pregnancy

Hello ! New moms-to-be ! Here I shall be discussing the various exercises you can perform while being pregnant. You need not stress yourself with the extreme ones as it may be harmful. You just have to be careful enough while doing any kind of physical activity. This is not for the ladies who have been prescribed for a bed rest by their doctor. They should completely take rest and let the little one do jumping and kicking.

Exercise is for our welfare and betterment. It calls for a bit dedication that you need to put on a regular basis. The more you are consistent, the better will be the results. Exercise helps in dealing with constipation and body pains that occurs due to lying all the time.

Physical activity is safe till you believe it is. Don’t over exhaust yourself. Always carry water with you in any type of physical activity.These exercises do not assure you for a normal delivery. The type of delivery totally depends upon your medical conditions.

Workouts are mood changers. Make sure you do it for 30 minutes a day at least. Remember, you are doing this for your enjoyment in your leisure time. Be happy.

Well !! Lets get going for the exercises :


Walking is my all time favourite and evergreen work out. It is like a warm up session. There are various benefits of walking. This is a full body movement session and thus all your muscles open up.You also get to breathe in fresh air. It is a great way to regulate your blood pressure. Initially, start with strolling but gradually you may shift to brisk walking. The pace should always be favourable to you. If you feel breathlessness, stop walking. Take desirable breaks in between so that you don’t strain out yourself. Don’t go for a brisk walking if you have breathing problems or you are prescribed for a bed rest. Although, you can make a few movements sitting on a place or loitering around for 5-10 minutes. Keep talking to your baby while marching, it feels good.

Stairs –

Descending down the stairs is another exercise that helps you. It helps the baby to open up the pelvic muscles and move in a downward position towards the. Cervix . Each step helps the baby to adjust itself in a correct position. Don’t overburden yourself. You need to be careful on stairs. Check for the lighting and texture of the stairs. Use a support to climb. My office is on the first floor, although there were only 21 stairs, it seemed I was climbing a mountain. But it was a quick start of the day.

Squats –

You can go with this exercise usually in the third trimester. You need to be very careful as it is mandatory to manage the heavy body weight so that it does not harm your baby or you. Squat is one of the method to open your pelvic muscles. It helps in building your legs stronger and ready for delivery. You can do it 5-10 times in a round with some rest in between. Get someone to hold you if you feel to get disbalanced. Don’t hold it for longer than your comfortability. Don’t hold your breath.

Easy exercises –

These are basically meant for those who are on bed rest. Sit straight and comfortably, you may have a pillow on your back. Spread your legs forward and move them in a circular motion, firstly in clockwise direction for 10-15 times and then in anticlockwise direction. This eases your leg pain and increases blood circulation , thus helps in easing the swollen legs. Do this with your hands and neck too. Stretch your arms straight. Rotate in both the directions. You may also sit down on floor and have your meals. It also helps in opening up of pelvic muscles. You may mop the floor, a small area though just to indulge in a physical activity.

Yoga and meditation –

These are one of the powerful ways to take care of yourself. It connects your mind, body, soul and the most important- your baby and strengthens you from inside and brings inner harmony. Meditation is a medium to connect you with your baby right from your womb. It helps develop a stronger bond between both of you. The more peace you are at, the more sound will be the baby. Although you should avoid stretching, jumping and bouncing steps. Meditation helps you to rejuvenate and recharge your capabilities. It purifies you from within and gives you potential to deliver a happy and healthy baby. Feel your baby and you love for the baby.

I advise you to have someone along with you while engaging in any type of physical activity to ensure both of your’s safety and well being. Being happy is the most efficient exercise. Laugh out loud. Let your baby feel your happiness.