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How to bathe your new born | Tips for a pleasant and effective baby bath

Bathing is also a very essential activity to carry out to make the baby feel clean and fresh. It is another way to build an intimate bond with your baby. It is not necessary to bathe your new born everyday during early weeks, a sponge bath will be a good option. Start gradually depending on the weather conditions. Here are certain tips to make bathing a delightful experience as I had :

  1. Use new and sanitised bathing accessories like tub, mug and bucket to avoid infection.
  2. Keep all the bath items like hooded bath towel, shampoo, soap, bath sponge ready in the bathroom.
  3. Keep them in a reachable position.
  4. Place another soft and big towel open on the bed where you will dress up your baby after bath.
  5. Assemble all the after bath items like baby powder, baby lotion, baby comb, diaper and clothes ready too.
  6. Now, take warm water in a bucket. Check with your elbow for the warmth of water. It should not feel hot or cold.
  7. Baby’s skin is so delicate and soft that it can not be experimented.
  8. Place the lower body of the baby inside the tub and keep the head up supported by your hand.
  9. Hold firmly. Start pouring water slowly.
  10. Start with the legs. Apply mild soap on the lower body properly and rinse thoroughly.
  11. Then, apply on stomach and neck and rinse.
  12. Be careful of the umbilical cord. It may not get hurt while bathing.
  13. Further, gently apply soap on your hand and apply on cheeks, nose, forehead and near the ears.
  14. Wipe the soap on face using water in your hands. Do not pour water. Keep the head lifted.
  15. Turn baby towards the back. Apply soap on the back. Rinse thoroughly.
  16. Hold firmly while turning with both of your hands as baby might get slippery due to water.
  17. DO NOT let go of your baby while in the tub.
  18. Use towel in the tub or in your lap to place the baby if you feel slippery.
  19. Until your baby has hair, no need of shampoo. But you can wash his/her hair with water.
  20. Remove the moist little flakes on the baby’s head with regular combing and cleaning with a towel.
  21. When the bath is done, wrap your baby in a dry towel and lie him/her down on the big towel (already kept on the bed).
  22. Keep the room temperature warm.
  23. Pat him/her dry. Do not rub the towel against his/her body.
  24. The baby smells so good and clean.
  25. Apply powder all over his/her body except face.
  26. Make him/her wear sanitised clothes and diaper.
  27. Use diaper rash cream to avoid rashes.
  28. Moisturise his/her hands, legs and face. Comb his/her hair if any.
  29. Clean your baby’s eyes and ears using a soft cotton ball. Use separate cotton balls for both the eyes and ears.
  30. Clean your baby’s nose using saline water if required.
  31. Check for the nails else he can hurt himself/herself while moving his/her hands.

Once your baby is ready, he/she might sleep after bathing. Let him/her be at peace and dream.

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