How to build healthy eating habits during pregnancy

How to build healthy eating habits during pregnancy

Why is eating healthy food essential?

Eating healthy food during pregnancy is very essential for growth and development of both mother and the child. It is very important to decide what to eat during the tenure. Healthy eating is significant to follow a routine of eating to have a happy pregnancy.

It is necessary to include a variety of food in your meal, a variety of colour and type. Healthy food items help in brain development and maintains a good baby weight. Keep a check to intake adequate amount of essential elements.

Healthy meal is important to keep you energetic and avoid dizziness. A pregnant woman faces exhaustion in her initial days due to hormonal imbalance. Healthy food keeps you fresh and active. Eating proper diet gives you proper sleep which again is vital for your baby’s growth.

The baby keeps at peace if you sleep sound. Intake of proper diet increases immunity. You will be less prone to diseases. 

What if you don’t eat healthy food?

Eating sufficient food is necessary to avoid malnourishment. If you do not intake proper nutrition, you may loose weight and suffer from weakness which is not a good sign. Don’t go for a binge. Over eating can lead to uneasiness and obesity.

You may also not be able to sleep well . Sometimes, you may suffer from acidity. You start feeling heaviness which might lead to tiredness and fatigue. An ideal weight gain should be between 10-12kgs.

Unhealthy eating habits can increase the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, which leads to gaining extra weight. 

Building healthy habits- Simple rules to follow

Make sure your food contains quality items rather than quantity items. Plan a time-table and try to follow it. Take small portions at different intervals to keep you fueled.

If you are not able to eat properly in the beginning, introduce nutrients slowly. You can try new dishes of any ingredient you are bored of eating but it is important for your health.

A balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, iron, iodine, potassium and other minerals makes a sunny meal. Mood swings are common. You may eat spicy and tangy food once in a while to satisfy your taste buds. After all, cheat days are allowed in eating.

Prefer home made food items rather than packaged, canned and outside eatables. Choose those eatings items which are rich in nutrients. Instead of taking heavy meals, feast on small portions every two hours a day.

If you feel uneasy, lie down at your left. You should take rest after every meal to help better digestion. The main motive is not to starve yourself but to keep munching at regular intervals. 

Remember!! Happy tummy, happy you and finally happy baby.