How to deal with toxic relationship?

How to deal with toxic relationship?

Are you dealing with a romantic partner, family member, relative, friend or a colleague whom you find it really difficult to get along? Do you feel humiliated or manoeuvred? If your answer is YES, or you are taking time to think on these questions, you probably are dealing with a toxic relationship. And believe me, it’s not at all worthy for you. It might be a toxic relationship.

Still many a cases are there where we can’t simply move out of relationship. So, is it that you need to hamper your health, your mental peace for such a toxic relationship? 

Well, not really! There are various techniques to make life simpler when you got to deal with toxic people. This way, may be or may be not you would care for that particular person, but for sure you will know how to take care of yourself.

Techniques to recognise toxic people in a toxic relationship

1. Cater to the basic signs of a toxic person —

A toxic relationship has so many faces. But they manifest in several behavioral signs that we need to notice. 

Is there anyone who is extremely disrespectful towards you?

In addition is there someone who often tries to manipulate you?

Is there anyone who always has some or the other interpersonal issues?

2. Watch out who is constantly angry

This trait is the most essential one that defines a toxic relationship. Before you come to know what the matter these, these people will be super furious, even if the universe says it was the smallest, the slightest matter. 

So, you start to live a life of cautiousness, in order to make peace with the person. But unlikely, they will anyway find a way to get angry.
You need to watch out who is constantly angry and anger has it’s own symbols vis-à-vis:

Terribly shouting at people

Often usage of harsh, abusive words

Hostile questioning and interrogating

3.Check for who is satirist or pessimist 

Satirist people are cynical and negative about everything. Such people hamper our mind with either their satirical, intense language or pessimistic thoughts.

They will keep on complaining of one or the other thing. They will be never satisfied with whatever you do towards them.

A whole lot of negative vibrations will they share.

4. Realize how you feel around that person

The most important thing to deal with such toxic relationship is to realize how do you feel?

However, Do you feel that person is draining all your energy?

Are you always conscious before speaking anything before such person?

Are you simply ignoring voice because this toxicity is enforcing you not to listen to your voice?

Is the person increasing your stress levels every time with trivial matters?

Techniques to talk to those toxic people 

1. Expression of thoughts

Such sort of toxic relationships are too grave. They create unnecessary tensions and you are always unable to express. But you need to understand that your emotions are equally important to be expressed.

Listen to them. You don’t have to respond to every crap they throw at you. Be calm and learn the way of silence answer. Accept all that they say.

It is pretty sure, all that they say would be merely their perception and would hurt you.

But it’s alright, your patience will strengthen your own self. 

Later on express what you went through because of their behavior, it is logical that they will not accept it, they will pass on the blames upon you, but still, you have the right to express equally.

2. Speak with confidence and protect yourself

This might sound weird to toxic people but there needs to be set a boundary. You are not a slave to anyone.

For example if that toxic person often demands money or some expensive thing that you love, convey them that they are important to you but you can’t give what they want.

The protection of your self esteem is in your hands only.

Keep on diverting the conversation towards positivity, they will try to bring in accusations, taunts, repetition of unwanted intense words, but save your strength and try rigorously to drive towards optimism.

3. A little sorry works a lot

Well, there is no harm is satisfying the ego of a toxic person. Say a sorry and wind it up.

Own up your mistake. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right, if the relationship matters and you know that the person is toxic in behavior, simply walk along with an apology.

They might not accept your apology, but at least you gave your best to be a good person.

Techniques to work along with toxic people

1.Start hearing to your own self as a priority

It is easy to get swayed away in emotions in a toxic relationship. You need to create boundaries to what extent you can tolerate it. If you don’t do this, toxic people will often keep on taking advantages. That’s harmful for your life.

Further, learn to say “NO”. You might find it guilty, but it is better than being prey to the toxicity and ruining yourself, for a reason that was not even your fault.

2. Discuss it with someone else, specially an elder one

Seek for help. If your romantic partner is toxic, you may discuss it with your or your partner’s parents. Or any mature being in the house. 

Further, let others know that this toxic relationship is troubling you. 

You don’t have to give away yourself too much that the toxic person misuses your mental being every time.

3. Look at your actions

Moreover, Toxic relationships often hamper your self-respect, your inner peace, your emotional balance, may be finances in many cases.

Watch out! Look for your actions certainly, whether you are surrounding your living around that toxic person always?

Similarly, look out for your actions whether you are the one who is tending apologetic every time. Watch your actions whether you are the peace-maker every time?

You need to know if the circumstances, if the person is regularly hurting you in various ways.

In short , you don’t need to be a pleaser to them, take your stand and be assertive of your views.