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How to give your baby a soothing massage.

Massage is very essential for baby’s growth and development. A new born sleeps for at least 18-20 hours a day. Sleeping on the back is very important to reduce sudden infant death syndrome. However, he can be laid on his stomach for a while when he is awake. Just keep a watch.
Sleeping every time on the back makes the back muscles tired. Massage and exercise makes the bones stronger and also soothes the tired muscles.
Initially, you should massage 2-3 times a day. Massage does not mean to pat the baby’s body with oil. There are certain measures to take care of while giving a massage. It was one of the essential ingredient for a visible growth and development of my premature baby.

Here are the few techniques to ponder on: –

  1. Be gentle with your hands for giving a massage.
  2. Excessive pressure can lead to rashes or body pain.
  3. It is is mainly to relax calm down a baby.
  4. Use olive oil or ghee to massage your baby. You can use coconut oil in summers.
  5. Place your baby infront of you lying on his back on a mat.
  6. Start with the legs. Pour oil in your hand and gently rub it with your hands.
  7. Hold one of the legs and apply oil. Now, start moving your hands from thighs to foot in an inward spiral motion.
  8. Repeat for 5 times. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  9. Take some oil and rub with your hands. Rub the foot gently in upward and downward position.
  10. Gently massage in between the toes of both the legs.
  11. Moving on to the stomach, pour some oil on it.
  12. Gently massage in a circular motion in a clockwise direction with both the hands.
  13. Pour some oil in the naval.
  14. Move your hands with slight pressure in a circular motion on the sides of the stomach with your fingers. This is done to release gas problems in babies.
  15. Forwarding to the chest, massage on the chest in heart shape movement. Creating half heart with one hand and half with the other together.
  16. Repeat for 5 times. Cover the neck area along with the chest.
  17. Pour oil in your hand and take the baby’s arm for massaging.
  18. Now, start moving your hands from shoulder to palm in an inward spiral motion.
  19. Repeat for 5 times. Repeat the same with the other arm.
  20. Gently massage in between the fingers of both the hands.
  21. Now, take the baby in your lap and lay him down on the stomach.
  22. Pour some oil and massage in downward direction slowly, moving one hand after the other.
  23. Repeat for 7 times.
  24. Now, it is time to work on the baby’s face.
  25. Pour some oil and apply on the face. Use both of your thumbs to massage the forehead in right and left direction.
  26. Similarly, massage on the eyes in a clockwise direction.
  27. Massage thoroughly in upward and downward direction in between the eyes.
  28. Gently rub the nose lifting upwards .
  29. Massage the cheeks in upward direction. First do it for 5 times with one cheek with both of your hands. Then repeat with the other one.
  30. Gently press the area below the nose with your thumb to give it a shape.
  31. Apply oil in a circular motion on the chin.
  32. Pour some hair oil on head and massage in a circular motion with the tip of your fingers.

P.S. Baby massage is complete. Cover the baby with a towel. Invest 15-20 minutes in massaging the baby. Baby might be asleep afterwards. It is completely natural. You may awake him later on. It is like spending a quality time with your baby. Preferably, mother should be carrying out this activity to create a healthy bond between them. Touching every body part helps in baby’s brain development.

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