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How to react to an insult?

Written By: Namrata

Have you ever faced insult? Have you ever felt disrespected?

Many of us would answer a big YES!

So then, what next? What do you do next?

Of course R-E-A-C-T (outrageously)!

Ouch! There you lost the battle.

It’s not an impractical scenario. I have personally tried and experimented with this truth. Reactions to someone else’s disrespect acts like fueling the fire.

Understand! The silent therapy is my No. 1 thing. And the second thing I do is understand that we are two separate individuals. He/She is reflecting his/her own filtered ethics and values. And I have to reflect my own. But what resulted o

Many a times I used to cry earlier, over-think and just keep wondering why did he/she say so, lose my own confidence and what not!

But out of this self-cribbing what came to me was mere nothing than frustration and sadness.

So, I started working on my thoughts. Believe me it does not come suddenly but gradually you would learn the art of turning a negative reaction to an insult to a positive reaction.

The one in front who is insulting, may be someone at home, someone at office, a friend, a foe anyone, understand that he/she is in pain or in frustration or in a bad mood or not in good mental/physical health.

Stay calm, listen to it and say to yourself in mind – forgive him/her God, he/she is not well today.

That’s it! It will help. Not 80% or 90%, rather 100%.

Try for first few times of stopping yourself to react. We spoil everything by it. This leads to heavy arguments, fights, cold hearts, abuses, broken hearts, breaks relationships.

This outrageous consecutive reaction one after the other may even lead to hurting apparently to a vast extent.

Suppose, your boss insults you in office. There can be 2 instances vis-à-vis:
  1. You argue, you fight back, you taunt back. And he remembers it until March when your appraisals are around the corner. What will happen? You get into pressure, if the appraisal isn’t good you get into pressure of leaving. Suddenly you will hate your job, you will hate the boss. See what happened?

You spread negativity and hatred.

  • You just listen to him/her. Talk to yourself that you were good but maybe he/she didn’t notice that. Don’t react. Work harder. Establish relationships with peers. Talk to him/her too sometimes smilingly. He/she would fall into guilt of what they did, believe me!

Which one will keep you less mentally hit? You decide!

Hence, start being less worrier and more merrier! You can’t control someone else’s behavior or words or deeds, but you can surely control yours!

You will win at the end, win your confidence, your relations, your mental peace.

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