I, Him And The Last Message For Us

I, Him And The Last Message For Us

I was at PC Jewelers showroom, buying the ring; the engagement ring for him, along with my dad. Like every bride-to-be, I was too excited to select one among those beautiful intricate piece of diamonds and when finally chose one, they gave me a form to fill. Generally branded showrooms give a form wherein we fill the name, birth date, anniversary date and so on…
Exactly was this form, as I flipped the page it asked me to mention the name of my spouse and his details. My dad was noticing me pen down.

And there, in that moment I felt choked. I was cold feet gazing at the form and felt whole lot of commotion within – “Was this final, am I sure of getting married? If it happened, it had to last lifelong! I mean it was just 4-5 months since we became friends and we are getting engaged. What if things don’t work? What if it wasn’t enough love rather a mistook infatuation? Was it an end to my career? Was it a decision I took just to escape from the emotional depression I had been?

The whirlpool of questions made me drop the pen and text him one last time (though I knew he had his corporate leather ball cricket match).
I sent a last message before the lifetime commitment – “Abhi, I know this might irritate you, that too at this moment of time when you would be on field, but am getting cold feet so wished to know for one last time- Are you sure of me, of us? Once we are engaged, we will have to spend the entire life together!”
I started tapping my feet and biting my nails (which I have been growing for my engagement since long), constantly checking the messages and waiting for him to reply. My dad asked me to complete the form so that he can make the payment. I asked him to wait for 5 more minutes.

Suddenly my phone notified “1 message from Sunshine (his name in my contacts list)”. The last message I received from him before marriage.
My fingers hastened to open the text. He wrote – “Yes, I was sure of you the moment I saw you and would always remain so ! And am as much sure of us as am sure of bringing laurels in my match which is within next 10 minutes. I love you!”
A chill ran down my spine. His confidence makes me an even stronger being.
I smiled and wrote his name in capital letters in the space for spouse, proudly and bought the ring.

To my surprise, he was awarded the Best Batsman of the league, hit the highest 4s in the league, Man of the Match.
And to his happiness, we are lovingly engaged now !!

P.S. I am in utter love of this ring am wearing. He is the best thing that has happened to me until this age. Weddings were satirically to be some sort of restrictions, loss of freedom, loss of personal life, more of responsibilities, loss of self esteem to some extent – But with him, wedding for me is a path to freedom, love, happiness and laughter. He is everything a girl desires, and fortunately he is made for me!
Wedding bells rang 2 years back!