Six Tea Shots

In conversation with Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

I never had this restlessness within, but it was worth. Hastily, I just entered the room where I was fortunate to interview the “MISSILE MAN of India”. A chill slipped down my spine as I saw the most serene face, a handsome man with lines of galvanized empiricism and a million dollars smile in his ‘Kalam coat’.

I smiled in bestir and took my seat. He rewarded me with his smile.

Me: “mmmmm errr, Sir, shall I, no, shall we…..”

Kalam Ji: “Lady, if I would have been married in my young days, I would surely have had a daughter of your age. Consider that and you may start with your interview dexterously.”

His syllables were enough for me to gain my nerves.

Me: “Sir, if this is so and as we all know you are so much fond of kids, give me the opportunity to begin with the ever wondered question, why didn’t you marry?

Kalam ji (jocularly): “If I had married, I would never have achieved even half of what I have managed now. I was too busy in work and didn’t find time to get married. Henceforth, have kept nothing for me, neither own family nor any materialistic possessions”.

Me: “Well, that would inspire many. What ideas do you carry in mind when you sleep at night, Sir?”

Kalam ji: “Transformation of India into a developed country and smiles on the faces of my people. That is my dream

Me: “You have made India believe it can be a superpower, how do you envisage the boiling blood of youth will accord to it?”

Kalam ji: “Youth needs to be channeled to a prolific task like INDIA VISION 2020. They have to be inspired with the feeling that “I can do it”, “we can do it” and “the nation can do it”.”

Me: “Sir, you have been matured to this gray hair now, still how do you connect with students so well?

Kalam ji: “Same age, lady”. (Laughing)

Me: “Sir, tell us about some incident in your life, which can be a morale booster to many students and youngsters?”

Kalam ji: “My life, which has been long and eventful, has seen great heights of success and failures. You will have to read my autobiography “Wings of fire” to know all what inspired me throughout.

Me: “Sir, how come you are such a transparent person?”

Kalam ji: “My belief is that the nation has to be bigger than the individual and the individual has to work for the nation. Working for oneself is not transparency, but once you put the nation above you, you become one. ”.

Me: “Sir what is the main terror that threatens the development of our country?

Kalam ji: “Ignorance!!”

Me:  “You are so perfect in your words, that every bit of it has ignited minds in various arenas. What would you like to convey them?”

Kalam ji: “Visualize whether the experience and education will embellish you to give to being human; probably that is your stage of performance. As a young citizen of India, armed with technology, knowledge and love for the nation, I realize that small aim is a crime.”

Me: “Thank you so much Sir for your valuable time and words”.

Kalam ji: “If you really want to thank me, explore and contribute in making a developed India by 2020. It is not just a vision in minds, rather a mission that we can all take up and succeed”.

We ended with the conversation; everyone applauded and gathered around him. He left soon, but what he actually left is the impression in hearts, to explore, to achieve, to aim, to win.

Let every Indian be the next KALAM so as to make India a guiding light for the world.

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