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India 2020|A mission and a vision

Written by : Namrata

A chill ran down my spine as I barged-in on this land after 16 yrs, with a box of my Dad’s ashes. Sooner than the nostalgic aura could impinge me, my ego disgusted on Dad’s last wish to be flown in the Ganges (Holy river in India).

How finicky I had been about this place, INDIA.

Waiting for my luggage at the airport, I sat on a chair. A child next to me was engrossed in reading the newspaper, to which I peeked in and murmured in mordancy, “Aahh! This developing country will never make-a-fortune!”

He gave me an excruciating glance, “Sir, do you know India’s GDP grew this year by 17.8%?”

I gave a void gesture.

He continued, “India ranks 1st in farm output and 2nd largest agricultural exporter. 83.5% of rural areas have been developed in infrastructure with reliable water and eletric supplies featuring add on of 150000 MW.

Indian literacy rate scaled to 94.73% while malnutrition depressed to 21%. Unemployment stats abated to 3.4%. Urbanisation escalated to 38.7% and outwits as 4th best corruption perception index scorer in the world.

ITU projects major phase of 6G technology by Q3 this year. ISRO’s PSLV-C38 Rocket Puts into Orbit Record 33 Satellites and launches INSAT -5DR.

Enumerous running metros, rail and solar plant projects; Agni VIII and Prithvi V have been launched succesfully.

He breathed in assent and I was jaw-struck. He then stood up in jounce, giving me a brazen look,

Child: “I got to leave Sir. By the way, India is no more a developing country, it stands 1among the 53developed ones today. And I am Krishna, heading to The States to represent my INDIA in International Mathematical Olympiad.

He left soon, but what he actually left was a mirage in my heart of what late Dr. Kalam visioned 2 decades back. That, this is INDIA 2020!!

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