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Longing for you ! | A poem for my sunshine

Written By : Namrata

“Longing For You”

On a dark, dark night

I saw a dreadful sight,

With all my might,

I sat up tight.

My voice just dead,

& tears shed.

My heart did groan,

& mind did moan.

My hunger halved

That left me starved.

I shook with fear,

As solitude seemed near.

There was none to console,

In the night as black as coal.

There was a day,

When I couldn’t even stand,

That was the day,

When I felt your hand.

& now in bed I lay,

completely changed, this day.

Amongst the chaos,

As in the midst of Laos.

& all I wish

is a blissful kiss.

I know your caress

Will melt this mess.

Oh yes! I’ll shine for my sunshine,

So you will become forever mine.

Ah! The morning sip,

The ecstatic lip

A beat I skip,

For this perfect trip.

With lots of cuddle,

And playful puddle.

With you along,

I wanna sing this song,

For my life long!!

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