Love Happens, every day !!

Love Happens, every day !!

Love is like a seedling. To nurture it, needs water, sunlight, air, and good fertilizer. If even a single component is missing, the seed will never grow into a plant and never have strong roots.
Today we all are surrounded in busy lives, peer pressures, kids’ routines, family involvements, work atmospheres and what not. Of course under such schedules, spending quality time and relaxing would be the last thought on mind.
We often neglect the smaller joys for bigger luxuries or the set routines. What if our little habits can boost up our bond? Imagine going to sleep with too much of love in heart and a big smile on lips?

I strongly believe in the power of these 3 magical habits that can enhance your relationship like never:

The Morning Saga

We are so much hedged by our routines or work life that we do not feel the importance of how much effective a good start of the day can be. That first expression, that first refresher of the day. Initially I used to think that since the mornings are too hectic, so as soon as we get up, we must align with the chores consecutively. Well !! that never felt heartening. This Is how, I realized the power of morning Saga. Mornings are beautiful if you make them. The chores and routines are never-ending work.

Do not embrace your start of the day just with laundry and cooking. Smile at each other. Hug or kiss or just hold hands. Play some of your favourite music. Do not discuss any stressful thing to mark the start. Be playful with your partner.
Just remember the start should fill your heart and heal your happiness chakra.

The 25 mins of Pillow Talk

Don’t you feel movies, web series, social media or rather in Gen Y’s term – Phubbing (phone snubbing) has lessened the effective deep talks between couples these days. By the end of the day we feel so stressed out that to clear of our minds phubbing is the only way out. That’s what we have adapted to.
It is not the truth though.

Try this magical and powerful 25 mins of Pillow Talk with your spouse.
What you got to do is for the next 25 mins, be it during sleeping time or evening, whenever you both are comfortable, lie down next to each other. Facing each other on your own pillows. No phone, TV, Family stuff, stress or negative talks. Engage your kids in some other work or make them sleep.

These 25 mins are for you both. Now talk. Talk about what makes you both happy, about your both’s best moments, about how you both met, about your dreams, about sex. Laugh out loud, together. Stay silly. Stay innocent.

The art of texting

Of course in these lockdown and work from home, pandemic situations but in normal life most of our daytime hour is spent in our own work. Mostly in different places. So, it is a No See whole day. Understand the power of powerful texts like “Hi Love, what are you doing?” “My manager just applauded me for my work, I wonder he doesn’t know who I have as my back.” “Did you have your lunch?”
Or simply sending some cute selfies.
Remember not to irritate your spouse with it. Just a bit of affection but do not cross the line of space. If he or she has a presentation or some important meeting, put in efforts to know the timing and send an All the Best text.
Believe me these gestures are too too small, but they bring a lot of closeness.

Love in the era of 21st century is no more old-school. A love a moment is no more love the next moment here. So, you need to put in a little bit of extra cheese as a topping every day. Every Day! Because love happens. Every Day.