Unexpected Pregnancy Myths

Unexpected Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Although nine months seem a very small phase, it is indeed a long duration. Pregnancy is like an occasion to celebrate but there are some hurdles that a woman faces during the tenure. What are pregnancy myths? These are some thoughts that crosses mind of a first time pregnant woman. Do we have to stick to the unwritten rules of do’s and dont’s that actually are fictional.

I don’t say that these traditions are unfavourable, in fact they were made for our benefit but time has changed with the advancement in technologies. You know what do I believe? Thankfully, I have one hundred percent different opinion. I surmise that you should live to the full and completely enjoy this excursion. The more you are happy and sound, the more blessed will be the baby. Here, I will be answering various questions or rather doubts that a new mom-to-be is entangled in.

So, Ladies Let’s begin with the pregnancy myths :-

  • Shape of belly can predict gender:- A child is a God’s gift. Isn’t that enough? What is in the gender, happy parents are only concerned with the well being of their child. There is a belief that if the belly is bulged out upward, we presume it to be a baby girl and if it droops loosely, it is a baby boy. We can only presume but there is only a scientific approach to determine a child’s gender. An ultrasound can reveal the gender of a baby. I believe that it is a surprise gift wrapped for some time, you need to wait till delivery to open it.
  • Exercise is dangerous:- This is a myth. First, trimester is meant to be careful. You can start walking later on. A fresh air walk, preferably in the morning gives a kick start. You can also enjoy a slow walk in the evening. You may also start with some squats lately in the third trimester to loosen your pelvic muscles. Yoga is best to calm all the fussiness in your mind. It is completely safe and healthy. Lying down in bed all the time makes you lazy and sluggish. Well, if you were not an exercise person previously, this is the exact time to start with some movements. Until and unless, there are some complications and you are advised for a bed rest by your doctor. Still, you can give a 5 minutes roam around time to yourself. Click to know the exercises during pregnancy.
  • Can morning sickness be relieved:- Personally speaking I did not have morning sickness in my first trimester. Not only in the morning, you can feel nausea or vomiting any time during a day. Morning sickness can be due to some sort of smell or food which is different for every pregnant lady. You cannot really get rid of it. So, don’t worry if you are puking most of the times. It is completely normal. Click to know how you can overcome morning sickness.
  • Strange Cravings:- Moms to be can be really picky eaters. You can have a strong desire for something that dominates your mind than your taste buds and thus you have a strong craving. Can you believe, I behaved like a child for eating pasta one fine Sunday morning. So, don’t let down your appetite. Go and feast yourself with everything you desire until you have any medical prohibition. Click to know what food to eat during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant woman has to eat for “Two”:- A healthy and a balanced diet is essential for a baby’s development. There is no need to pig out every time. You just have to treat yourself with nutrients than with extra cholesterol. Although, you can satiate at times. This is a complete myth as overeating is not favourable for both of you. Click to know healthy eating habits during pregnancy.
  • How much weight gain is ok :- Gaining weight during pregnancy is very common and usual thing. It is advised to gain 10 kgs which can easily be shed at the time of delivery. Even if you put on some extra kilos don’t be disheartened, once you decide to be pregnant your primary focus is your baby. You can exercise after delivery to loose the fat. Click to know how to shed post pregnancy weight.
  • No hot showers:- Warm showers are very soothing during pregnancy. It helps you to relax. However, taking a hot bath can fluctuate your blood pressure and make you feel warmer than a normal temperature. This may make you uncomfortable. You can also have a nice pedicure to help your tired feet.
  • Joyful and gleamy all the time:- (laughing out loud) Pregnancy is very tiring and exhausting. There are mixed feelings to sleep and to go for a ride at the same instance of time. Your hair can be messy or you may not want to have a bath or you can be a fussy eater. It is absolutely normal. These are counted as mood swings. But you need to be happy for your baby and I bet that smile will have a special glow at your face. Click to know how to take care of personal hygiene during pregnancy.
  • Carrying heavy weights:- This is not a myth. You should avoid carrying heavy weight to avoid straining your muscles. This is why you should avoid doing weight exercises in a gym.
  • Preparing yourself for a breastfeed:- Milk is automatically produced as the baby starts feeding. The more you feed, the more it is produced. It is purely natural and there is no need to push your mind hard to overthink on this. Click to know how to increase milk production.
  • Folic acid is important:- Despite of intake of all the nutrients, I recommend intake of folic acid in your everyday diet as advised by your doctor. It plays a vital role during pregnancy. Folic acid helps in development of baby’s brain and bones. It prevents various types of defects that can occur during birth.
  • Stretch marks can be avoided or healed completely:- If you take extra precaution, the marks can be light. Stretch marks occur due to expansion of skin and then compression.You cannot completely eliminate it. After all, it is the first drawing by your baby. Stretch marks show that you have made a strong decision to give birth. Don’t worry about the stretch marks, you are still beautiful.

These were some of the questions I researched to erase your confusion. Let me know all of your doubts so that together we can help many others to be free from if’s and but’s and live a healthy and a happy pregnancy. Stay connected !!