Simple ways to keep away morning sickness

Simple ways to keep away morning sickness

Hello moms !! Here, I will be discussing how to get rid of morning sickness. Morning sickness is one of the problems a pregnant woman faces during the tenure. This is very common and varies person to person. It specially occurs in the first trimester due to sudden change in hormones.

Some may feel a lot of nausea in the morning, after or before meals, a reaction to the unfavourable odour or taste. One of my fellow colleague felt like puking merely by the smell of chapati.

Imagine !! How to eat if you can’t bear the smell. Luckily I didn’t have any sickness of this sort. In fact I wasn’t even aware of my pregnancy for the first trimester. I just felt lazy and tired all the time after I got my pregnancy test done and it was like second trimester. Vomiting tendency can be felt at all times during a day.

Let me tell you some of the secrets to get rid of morning sickness:—

  1. Drink a glass of milk in the morning when you wake up. Sickness can also be due to empty stomach. If you can not drink milk, eat one or two bananas to avoid morning hunger. It is a long time being empty stomach after night. 
  2. Cut a lemon into one fourth part, sprinkle some black salt on it. You can lick at times when you feel nausea. You can also have warm water with lemon with some amount of soda to reduce gastric problems.
  3. Tamarind are mood busters at this stage. Eat them to avoid vomiting and help digestion.
  4. You may also take small meals at every 2-3 hours a day to avoid overeating. Don’t go on a binge. Eating heavy food may increase sickness. Eat healthy.
  5. Intake a lot of liquids at regular intervals of time.
  6. Avoid hot places specially kitchen for a very long time. Keep a cook or helper to cook. Standing for a long time in the kitchen can lead to nausea. Try to be in a soothing and comfortable environment.
  7. Avoid spicy food. It causes gastric and thus results in heartburn. 
  8. Do not ignore if you continue feeling sickness for a very long time. Consult your doctor immediately to avoid any consequences.
  9. Avoid taking medicines without prescription as it might have side effects.
  10. Well, this is not a recommended step but I used to eat Dabur Hajmola (Imli flavour) to get rid of it. I had a bottle and it helped me throughout my journey.

The main secret is to engage your mind away from the thought of this sickness and relax. It helps a lot.