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SIX-TEEN sure fire formulas for your baby’s development

Baby needs some extra care and attention. The timely schedule does wonder. Either the baby is premature or normal , you need to put in little extra effort for your baby’s development.

    The do’s and don’ts:

1. Baby needs to be fed every 2-3 hours, at least 8 times a day. Being hungry for long makes it irritated and can affect the overall baby’s development.

2. Mother’s milk is a boon to the baby. It contains all the essential nutrients required by the baby.

3. Feed the baby for about almost an hour as the baby is small. Wake him up if he is asleep ,by tickling on the feet or behind the ears.

4. By God’s grace, the baby knows how to suck milk and this has always surprised me as how can such a tiny little creature sip.

5. The baby should be fed only with the mother’s milk or the formula milk for the first 6 months.

6. No external food items be it liquid or water should be preferred.

7. Formula Milk is not a substitute of the mother’s milk. But can be used as an alternative.

8. Always hold your baby near to you as the baby feels safe with your heartbeats.

9. Massage your baby every day, initially 2 times a day. It helps to strengthen the bones.


10. If possible, mother should be allowed to carry on with the daily routine of the baby.

11. Bathe your baby daily to make him feel fresh. However, you may sponge if it’s too cold.

12. Dress your baby well.

13. You may take your baby for a walk in the evening.

14. Rattles helps babies to respond.

15. Sing and talk a lot with your baby, it helps in the brain development.

16. Be regular in vaccinations. It keeps healthy and protected from preventable diseases.

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