Sixteen sure-shot ways to keep personal hygiene

Sixteen sure-shot ways to keep personal hygiene

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. The first thing that might have struck your mind is that Why is personal hygiene so essential?

Attaining a cleaner version of yourself helps your baby and you to be safe from infection. Personal hygiene is of highest importance specially during pregnancy, as it affects your child. A pregnant lady should be aware and attentive of her sanitation.

It is necessary to lead a healthful living. Well, It is not only essential to keep yourself clean but also to obtain a sterilised and disinfected surrounding which prevents infection from various microorganisms nearby. Although it gets difficult with time to keep up to personal hygiene due to increased tiredness and fatigue but you have to focus on your health.

Let’s discuss the sure-shot ways to maintain personal hygiene during pregnancy.

Different ways to keep personal hygiene – 

  1. Your body needs attention and some extra care during pregnancy.
  2. Make sure you have a nice and comforting shower everyday to avoid unwanted bacteria on your body. Apply mild soap and shampoo for bathing. Well, I trust upon Dettol & Moms with citrus fragrance, Trusted Protection 0% Parabens, Talc & Dyes. It removes germs and keeps you healthy.
  3. Try loofah to exfoliate dead cells from your body.
  4. Use warm water. Don’t makes of hot water during a bath, it can cause redness of skin, leaves the skin dry and may even regulate the blood pressure to cause unconsciousness.
  5. Avoid long baths. Prefer to sit and then continue bathing. Place a mat at the entrance of your washroom to avoid slippery areas. 
  6. Keep oiling and washing your hair. Hair damage and breaking is a serious concern post delivery. Your roots demand to be strong. 
  7. Combing is another important step. Your hair for a good blood circulation.
  8. Usually, there discharge is more during pregnancy. Keep your lady parts clean and hygienic. 
  9. Use hygiene ingredients to wipe it daily. Wipe from front to back only. Wear clean under garments daily
  10. The baby intakes the food you eat. So, brush twice a day without fail and floss your mouth after every meal. 
  11. The food you eat creates cavity in your mouth and thus are prone to germ exposure. So, you need to take a bit extra care of your mouth.
  12. Clean your breasts with utmost care. You are about to feed in a few months. Breasts become itchy and dry. Don’t scrub it too hard to prevent peeling of skin. Instead, clean the area smoothly. Use a comfortable bra.
  13. Trim your nails and keep them clean. Go for a nice manicure. Wash your hands properly before and after meals to avoid germs.
  14. Apply moisturiser after every wash to make your skin feel soft and fresh. Drink lots of water.
  15. Wear loose clothes to be at comfort. Avoid tight clothes. 
  16. Have pedicures to soothe your feet and relax your leg muscles. Wear comfortable shoes or slippers. Avoid high heels. 

Remember, the baby feels the same you do. Maintaining personal hygiene is quite safe during pregnancy.

So, MOMS !! pamper yourself with a nice cleanliness gift.