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The little explored metro city – Jakarta

Written By: Namrata

Jakarta, one of the massively populated city, chaotic yet crazy, developed yet humble, is the western coastal capital of Indonesia. I went there on a business trip. With the name of Indonesia, most of the Indians are just familiar with Bali (one of the favourite honeymoon spots). But Jakarta is no less a charm!
Connecting flights from New Delhi are quite too long, so I took a connecting flight via Bangkok.

Jakarta has visa on arrival, but for business visa one must have the letter of invitation from their respective business firm. Business visa would cost you 35$. Though the tourist visa is free!
I had a stay of 27 nights in Hotel Crowne Plaza, which is located in the Golden Triangle business district of Jakarta from where my office was just a 3-4minutes walk.

The city is highly developed, with over 12 Million people that makes it more of crazy. But I must say, Indonesian people are too hospitable and humble.
Though I had a hectic project to work on, still made time to explore the city.

The best of Jakarta are:

1. The miniature Indonesia – Taman Minih Indonesian Indiah

Spread over circular 10 Kms this place is beyond beautiful and cannot be covered in a single day. There are cycles and scooties available inside for exploring the place. It’s one of the best family time zones. There are all the cities and places to visit in Indonesia in a miniature form extending from Jaya, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Komodo island, the zoo, National Science Centre, Space Centre, antique artefacts and what not.

2. Tanah Abang

Don’t go on weekends! Most of Jakarta can be found here, because it’s the happiness centre – the massive shopping zone. From purses to neck pieces, from shoes to trolleys, clothes to toys. A 7 storey closed area that is always crowded has tremendous options to shop. Since the currency there is quite low from India, so for Indians it’s a gigantic Lajpat Nagar. I had to visit this place twice, because shopping is always less for girls!

3. The Malls

Jakarta is divided into north south east west central and the combinations like south central. And every corner has one large and one small mall.
Few of the most expensive ones are Grand Indonesia, Pacific Place, Thamrin City while one I found easy to go and quite affordable was Plaza Semanggi. Every mall has a free WiFi, so in case you didn’t purchase the local sim, you can still survive.
Alright, I found this in Grand Indonesia:

4. The ferry tour of 1000 islands

This is one of the most beautiful, peaceful tour in Jakarta. Ferry can be booked from Ancol beach. One such beauty is Sepa Island. Approx 6 hours of ride in the mid of sea, where at one point of time you would feel as if it’s the dead end. Although it is serene, an outstanding experience in the centre of deep sea. Sepa has some pet dragons too, unfortunately I was in Jakarta in the mid of summers when the dragons seldom came out of there zones.

5. Ancol Beach

One such beauty of Jakarta. There are live shows, white sand beach ride via boats, eating points and Ancol city Mall. One can spend the entire evening here, peacefully. Beaches have always made me happy, so did this place.

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