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The Pursuit of Happyness

Written By : Namrata

And then there is this moment in life, I am 3years distant to “Turning 30”, yet confused what I want to be or what I want to do! Am I happy doing it?

What was I doing?

Every new thing that I saw on social sites seemed to be lucrative, in a moment I wished to be a photographer, then a traveler/travel blogger, in another moment I wished to publish a book, then I thought to pursue MBA from abroad, then thought to be a motivational speaker, trust me in my chimera I even gave my head food of becoming an IAS officer (though am too bad with GK and Social Science). Why wasn’t I focused?

I started following a 24-25 years young fashion/travel blogger and a mid-35-40 years cultural/literature blogger; both successful in their respective fields. To further hype my perplexity around the same time the fashion blogger won the top 10 bloggers award and the literature lady won an award for her excellency in literature, she was even the winner of TOI writing competition.

Now what?

One fine evening after my office, I sat alone and started scrolling the news feed of a social site, and suddenly realized, what am I doing? I mean, I wished to do heaven out of things, almost everything and right now sitting idly and scrolling this web page out of no reason!

I took a pen and paper and started jotting down, what do I wish to do, bullet each desire extending from deep sea diving to learning contemporary dance form.

And on the top, wrote- I WANT TO BE HAPPY FIRST!

The moment I wrote this, I noticed that I had no focus just because I wasn’t happy the way I was living.

And then, before setting up any direction I decided to start being happy more and stressed less. I started being more me, doing more of what I wanted to and less of what the society expected out of me. In the past 4 years of my career I haven’t spent a penny on myself, I mean why was I earning if I can’t spend a single amount on building myself!

Now, I have slowly started to know that it didn’t take much to be happy. Because all it does need introspection, dedication and above all love for one-self.

Remember the famous line from a super hit – “Main apni favourite hoon”; Be your own favorite, be your own role model first and then set your goals, set your identity, and start working on it!

This is the newer version of me, trying to make the best version I can.

What’s your HAPPY statement?

Let the world know, because you never know where and whom you can help and heal!

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