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The un-spoken path to ex-home will always remain silent in her heart

Written By : Namrata

The un-spoken path to ex-home.
I reached there half an hour late than I committed. Everybody was waiting impatiently.

It was just 3 days since I left this home. This home where I lived for years. This home which was mine too until 3 days back. And then a big fat Indian wedding happened into our lives.

As I entered, my family smiled, they hugged me and I just went into tears. I rushed to the washroom. Everything was at its place.
My teddy toothbrush, that lemon facewash, half used dove in the case. They were mine just a couple of days back. My heart cried a little more.
How can the life of a girl change in a day? How come the things that belonged to her are a thing of past now?

I came to sit with all, my little nephew was my heart. I used to imagine him coming to me when I’d enter the home. So did he do today.
My sister served us water and snacks. Did I become a guest now? I knew marriages bring a lot of change. But this much?

I was all decked up as if it was Diwali, or rather more. I went to my room, my ex-room. It was not the same. It became empty. I left my presence behind in its arms. It had all the materials in place, as I used to keep, but it no more had me in it.

I went to the kitchen, my mom and sister were preparing the dinner. All of a sudden my sister asked me to pass the salt. I immediately reached out to pass her the salt. I knew where it was kept. It was my home. Not any ex-home. It still and forever would remain mine.

Choked with thoughts I rushed to my room and started crying. To which my family thought I had some issue. They consoled me. They comforted me.
I told them, “I never thought I would ever leave this place. Wedding was all enjoyment, functions and everything. But this changing of home, adapting a new life is all sort of something am not able to adapt. I lived here. I have my things in place. It was my path. It was my comeback place.”

My sister patted me and said, “This is and will always be your home. Whenever you would come, you will always find your things where you left. But this is the ritual. This is how it has to happen. You have someone else now to share your life. So you will have to live with him.”

Meanwhile our conversation, the man of my life now just entered the room. He came to me, “This is not your ex-home. You have 2 in fact. It’s just that am such a kid who would always need to around. And you are not leaving anything. You are getting more. “

I smiled so everybody could be normal. But deep within I knew, a girl has to be strong! Weddings are meant to be the same. It does become an ex-home. She can walk to it but can never be its part as she used to be.

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