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Turning 30|3 Life secrets I wish I would have known in my early 20s

Written By : Namrata

Life is too exciting in the early 20s, vis-a-vis impressing people around, flirting healthily, eating everything and anything (I ate 6 large pizzas on record in my life in just 5 days, all alone!), full of over confidence, hunting for jobs (thinking job life is THE THING) and what not.

But getting closer to turning 30, I wish I would have known these 3 Life secrets in my early 20s

1. Less emotionally hit, More physically fit

Staying fit is a choice. We tend to involve in things that make us more emotionally vulnerable. As a fact, turn to opt for things that make us more lethargic like being a couch potato or a sleepy head. But imagine driving a 1 crore car with 1 meter of waist that pleads you to open your belt and sit while driving?

So, detox your body and mind. Hit the gym despite of crying or gobbling due to emotional breaks. Dance your heart out. Sweat! Drink lots of green tea or black coffee. I have now turned to be a green tea addict.

2. The art of making money

Earning is easier, but growing that earning is not a one-night job. You need to research a lot, learn skills that help you increase your source of income, make right investments, meet people who are successful in their careers.

Because having apt financial skill is an art. It’s not being the star of stock market, it is about opening channels of earning and investment that will always keep you financially secured. Money can’t buy happiness, but money will buy majority of the things that will make you happy.

3. The subtle way of staying silent

We often are surrounded by our family and friends. That of course sometimes turn to be a crest and trough of moments, which is alright and well understood. But learn the subtle way of silence, because reacting in anger spoils millions of moments and relationships.

For more on this, read my article The magic of silence!

Turn exclusively healthy, wealthy and happy before turning 30!

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