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How to double mother’s milk production?

Initial days are difficult for both the mother and the baby. They both need care. The mother needs to take precaution. On the other hand, she should follow a proper diet to boost mother’s milk production. The baby should be fed only with the mother’s milk or the formula milk for the first 6 months to develop immunity.

1. Start feeding your baby at the earliest after the birth.

2. Feed your baby every two hours a day. Don’t skip feeding times.

3. Feed from both the breasts.

4. Have a proper and a balanced diet.

5. Don’t opt for oily and spicy meals.

6. Drink a lot of fluid say water, milk, juices etc. It does miracles.

7. Food like fox nuts, sago (sabudana), fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, papaya, carrots and bottle gourd increase milk production.

8. Protein rich food like pulses, dry fruits, egg, meat, dairy products enhance the milk quality.

9. Have lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

10. The more you add variety and colour to your meals, the more nutritional it becomes.

11. Avoid whole grains like chana, chhole, rajma, Chana dal etc. at least for first 3 months as it can upset your baby’s stomach. Start gradually thereby testing the effect on your baby.

12. The fat in your body gets converted to milk, so the more you feed the more you lose.

13. Mother’s milk production is directly proportional to the demand. The more we feed , the more it is produced.

14. Even if the baby sucks after complete saturation, the brain gets instruction to produce milk.

15. Use breast pump to store the milk to feed later on. The breast pump creates the same pressure as done by the baby while feeding. Pump regularly from both the breasts.

16. I have used Pigeon manual breast pump, Less Fuss, No Hassle. It not only helped me pump out milk even when the baby is asleep also regular pumping helped in the increase in supply. It is easy to use and clean. 

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