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What to dress up a new born in different seasons

Dresses of new born should be of vibrant and bright colours. Gone are those days, where blue was only for boys and pink only for girls. Luckily, pink suits my son too. Use light colours and soft clothes. Babies should always be dressed in warm clothes all through the year. Clothes must be chosen to protect baby’s skin and body temperature. Use cotton clothes only, no synthetic materials. Babies are sensitive towards temperature. So, choose loose fitting clothes.
You may need many clothes a day as it is totally natural that he/she may dirty heaps of clothes. It is also important to keep your baby hydrated despite of any season. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for any problem.

It is important to cover your baby from top-to-toe as babies do not have developed immune system and are easily prone to diseases. Also, they are not adapted to the outside climate. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect them.
Here are some wardrobe essential for first time parents for their new born:

Vests and Bibs are a must for all seasons.

Key essentials to buy during winter :

  1. Inners
  2. Full- sleeve T-shirts
  3. Half / Full sweaters depending on the cold
  4. Soft Jackets (Also can be hooded ones)
  5. Cotton caps
  6. Woollen caps
  7. Warm full lowers
  8. Full sleeve rompers with leg cover
  9. Mittens
  10. Warm Socks
  11. Handkerchiefs
  12. Blankets
  13. Towels

P.S. Remember, babies feel colder than we do.

Key essentials to buy during summer.

  1. Initially make the baby wear full sleeve T-shirts
  2. Gradually, when the baby is about a month you may use half sleeve clothes.
  3. Full Lowers
  4. Half Lowers
  5. Rompers
  6. Handkerchiefs
  7. Soft Towels

P.S. Remember, babies feel cold during this season too. Socks and caps are not required but keep the head and foot covered properly.

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