Easiest way to make White Sauce Pasta

Easiest way to make White Sauce Pasta

White Sauce pasta is an Italian dish. Pasta is an easy available ingredient and can be found in nearly all the kitchens. People now-a-days love to feast on pasta. There are variety of pasta and its sauces to make a combo. Well, I was actually bored of eating red sauce pasta so tried this recipe.

I usually ate this in restaurants then I thought why not try to cook it myself. I have added a lot of veggies in it to have a creamy and crunchy flavour. This is one of the easiest recipe I have cooked so far. Although, it is a snack but you can eat it as your lunch or dinner too.

The loaded vegetables make the dish full of nutrient. So, you can easily serve this to your children who are generally fussy eaters specially for the vegetables.

I first ate it in my office cooked by a senior. At that time I seriously thought that she knows this too. But when I made it myself, the recipe turned out to be very simple. Try the easiest and yet finger licking recipe. I bet you will be overwhelmed. You can either boil or roast the vegetables. You can also add coriander or mint leaves to give it a desi twist.


  1. Do not over cook the pasta.
  2. Do not over cook vegetables. Let them be crunchy.
  3. You can vary the vegetables as per your taste.
  4. Cheese is optional to lower the calories of the dish.

Preparation Time : 20 min
Cooking Time : 20 min
Total Time : 40 min
Course : Snacks
Dish : Italian
Servings : 2
Recipe By : Akanksha

Ingredient :

Carrot – 1/2 sliced
Capsicum green – 1/2 chopped
Red Bell Pepper – 1/4 chopped
Yellow Bell Pepper – 1/4 chopped
Broccoli – 1/2 cup
Corn – 1/2 cup
Garlic – 3 cloves chopped
Pasta – 2 bowls
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp
All Purpose flour – 1/2 cup
Oregano – as per taste
Refined oil
Milk – 1 cup


Making White Sauce :- 

•   In the pan heat oil (very less in amount). 
•   Add chopped garlic and saute.
•   Add all purpose flour and sauce till the colour changes.
•   Now, slowly add milk to it and stir vigorously and continuously.
•   Make sure that no lumps are formed.  
•   If you are not able to remove the lumps just blend it. 
•   Make a fine smooth paste.
•   Add salt and red chilly powder. Mix thoroughly.

Making white sauce pasta :-

•   Boil water in a sauce pan and add pasta to it. 
•   Keep stirring and leave it for 10 minutes. 
•   Do not over boil. Rinse the pasta with cold water. Keep aside.
•   In a fry pan heat refined oil. Add chopped vegetables and saute for 2 minutes.
•   Keep the vegetables crunchy. Keep these vegetables aside. 
•   Keep the pan with the sauce on a low flame.
•   Now add the fried vegetables. Mix properly.
•   Add pasta and leave it for a minute.
•   Now sprinkle oregano to enhance the taste.
•   Close the flame.
•   Serve hot.