Six Tea Shots

You too can win, if you shatter the glass panes of obstacles!

Written By : Namrata

“Papa, do you trust me?”

“Yes, my girl, but is it possi…?” Way back in 2005, when every second of STD calls was pricy that too from a boarding school, the call disconnected!

I ran to the ground and bent gasping. In the silence of cold November night, I had cacophony in mind – [“It’s CBSE cluster, you will have to wait for another year to get this chance again”- voiced my Hockey coach. The senior cultural coordinator exclaimed, “Come on Namrata, not everyone gets the stage to share with The Siddhartha Basu” and then my Social Science teacher wanted me to be a part of a National Level Vox Populi (Voice of people) SPIC MACAY and to horrify and the same morning I entered womanhood].  

All these were to happen in 3 different cities as the hockey tournament was supposed to be in Rampur, the mime competition was in Lucknow and the quiz competition with Siddhartha Basu was scheduled in my then school in Varanasi.

I was 14and couldn’t give up! There were glass panes of “How” around me, but what would have I done with the regrets of missing any of these achievements which I have hard yearned to earn. On that ground amidst stars, completely choked, I screamed – I WILL and I CAN!

This is what my father has always taught me, never to lose. Never to miss opportunities and go beyond what you think your capabilities are because you never know what you can do!

Which one should have I left?

Actually NONE! I didn’t see them as choices in life, I wanted all! I saw each of them as a different opportunity I can’t regret later to lose!

Next day at 4 AM I along with other members in the group took the train from Varanasi to Lucknow. Well participated in National level SPIC MACAY at City Montessori School Lucknow. The same evening I took the train (a close friend of my father helped me reach the station from the school) from Lucknow to Rampur, where my hockey team was waiting . After that, next morning at 5 AM I reached the venue Greenwood School Rampur. I played front forward during the series of matches the entire day. Next morning, I left much before the felicitation ceremony from Rampur back to Varanasi. There in the evening I hosted an inter-school Quiz competition sharing the stage with the esteemed Siddhartha Basu.

I did not stop for 3 continuous days (and remember my critical days of starting with the womanhood), took risks and amazingly we stood 1st in SPIC MACAY and 2nd in the Hockey Tournament.

I called my dad, “I did it!”

My father didn’t say a word but I could hear his silent proud smile.

That happened when I was a child because as kids we never fear of failures and losses. Believe me, that child within, should never ever die.

Take risks in life, bear failures, raise toast to your success, make your parents and family proud, shatter the glasses, never say no and stand a class.

You too can win!

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